How It Works


Once you create an account you can start answering questions that are organized into several categories, such as Childhood and Career. The answers you provide make up the content of your story.

From there you can choose between a free eBook or purchase a beautifully bound book. Over time, you and your family can build up a family tree of legacies. In just a few generations your great-grandchildren will be able to capture a tree of legacies into a single book.


We offer a common sense method to help draw out meaningful stories. You'll be able to change/add categories and questions to make it your own. Click the help icon on any page if you have any questions.


Your personal information and answers are encrypted and kept secure. The only people that see your legacy are family and friends you share with.


Accounts are only $50 and eBooks can be created free of charge. Hardcover books are available for purchase as well.