About LegacyKept

Heidi Brewer, MFT, Co-Founder
For as far back as I can remember, I've loved listening to stories. My grandfather's were among my favorites, I could listen to him talk about his childhood in England for hours. Something about the sharing of these stories felt sacred to me; they connected me to my grandfather and my heritage. After he passed, I felt regret that I never got those stories in writing, in his own words. That's why I care so deeply about helping others preserve family stories from their loved ones.
My undergraduate degree in Writing combined with my master's in Marriage and Family Therapy have helped affirm the importance and benefits of this work. Don't wait, your stories are too valuable to lose.
Brad Brewer, MBA, CEO
My grandfather, who was my hero, wrote a book about his life, growing up in the Great Depression, being a fighter pilot in WWII, and falling in love with my grandmother. He finished his book before he died of cancer, and it is an irreplaceable treasure. My son will be able to read it someday, and through it, will get to know his great-grandfather and his family heritage in a special way. It is our mission to now help others write their one-of-a-kind life stories, providing a gift for generations. Everyone should have access to the rich context and dynamic stories of their history, not just have to rely on photos or family trees. I recently finished a memoir on this topic called Where the Apple Falls, in an effort to inspire others to write about their life.