About LegacyKept

It was just a thought.
My dad was dying, and over the course of that year I had a lot of time to think. I thought about the time we spent together when I was a kid. I thought about the time we spent together when he moved into my house late in life. I thought about how little I knew of him.
I wondered why we pay such great attention to distributing the "what" when someone dies, but so little attention to capturing the "who." It doesn't seem right. Sure, cars, houses and bank accounts are significant, but maybe life stories, wisdom and advice are equally significant. Perhaps more so.
And from that idea LegacyKept was born.
I want LegacyKept to be a comfortable place for people to tell their stories, but my hope is greater than that. My hope is that it serves as a reminder that our lives are meaningful, and that it motivates people to live great stories. Lastly, I hope the task of building up legacies is taken up by both parent and child, so that laughs can be shared and wounds can be healed.
History really is a great teacher. That's why I encourage you to invest the time to give your descendants something most will never have - a glimpse into the heart and mind of those who came before them.
On behalf of the good people at LegacyKept, Happy Reminiscing!
John Naylor