Account Help

Here are a few notes that might be of help while you're setting up your account.
Email and password will be your login for our site. You don't need to enter your password here to make updates to your personal info, only if you want to change it. Also, if you should forget your password it can always be reset from the login page.
We need your name to personalize your legacy and make it possible to connect with family and friends. A short ID will be generated that cannot be changed. You will need to share this with others that want to connect with you, or get their ID instead. This is necessary because there are many duplicate names in the world.
If you only want to view the legacies of those you are connected with, just check the View Only box. We won't need anymore information.
Birthplace and birth date are required if you are creating a legacy. Makes sense, right?
All the personal information and answers you enter on LegacyKept will be kept safe through encryption, so you can relax.